We collaborate with our clients, recognising that the best work comes from within – we’re the catalyst, and then the expert guide, who enable our clients to Change for Better.

We work with private businesses, public and third sector organisations across the UK – particularly those who operate in community, sustainability, technology and innovation.

We help our clients redefine what is possible then implement the right changes to make their ideas happen. What all our clients have in common is they are true experts in their field – by combining their passion and knowledge with our objective business expertise, we make their organisations truly fly.

We’re at our best when talking to you about your business challenges, and particularly how we can provide support as you achieve change. Here’s a flavour of what we do:

  • Strategy days / workshops
  • Business plans & pitch decks
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial planning
  • Business effectiveness & restructuring
  • Change delivery
  • Leadership, training & development

strategy &

We work with you and your team to develop a clear purpose, an effective approach, and a robust, execution-ready plan, allowing you to focus on achieving your business aspirations. The most important part of this process is working together – for strategy to be successful it must come from within the business and be supported across all management functions.

project & change

Transforming your business is challenging – tomorrow will not be the same as yesterday. We help navigate change step-by-step so your board, your people, customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders are part of the process, aligning to new behaviours and ultimately becoming long-term advocates for your business.

leadership &

High achieving businesses start with people, not process. Where people fully understand the purpose of their task, are able and willing to innovate and improve, feel valued, and trust leaders to recognise their extra effort, performance is elevated. We help to develop a culture of high-performance by engaging staff into the vision, values and behaviours that drive success.

“I can honestly say that ABC have made the biggest difference to our business – ever”