Privacy Policy

The following information applies to those who receive services from us or who are seeking to do so.

Data Controller

Ahead Business Consulting Limited is the Data Controller for the personal data you provide to us.

Types of Personal Data Processed

The types of personal data processed will vary depending on the data we require to process in order to deliver to you the requested service(s) and in accordance with our engagement terms with you. We may need to process both ‘personal data’ as defined in Section 3(2) of the Data Protection Act 2018 and or ‘special category personal data’ as defined in Article 9(1) GDPR.

Categories of Data Subjects

Categories of data subjects will include you as the data subject and the data of any other data subjects you provide to us in connection with our delivery of the services.

​Data may include but not be limited to the following categories:

​Demographic : Name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address

​Financial : Employer, job title, assets, income

Social : Networking, achievements

Legal Basis for Data Processing

As the Data Controller for the personal data we collect from you, we have identified a number of legal bases on which to carry out our processing activities. These are defined under GDPR as:

​Contract entry and performance: In order to commence working with you as a client we are legally required to take certain steps, such as assuring ourselves of your identity. In order to do so we require some personal data from you. During the course of our engagement with you we require to continue processing personal data about you to enable us to deliver the service(s) to you.

  • Consent: By providing us with your personal data and asking us to deliver you with specific services you provide us with your permission to utilise your personal data for those purposes.
  • Our legitimate interests: We may also use your personal data on the basis of our own legitimate interests including in delivering, promoting and developing our services, assessing our performance and defence of claims. Activities promoting our services include marketing which you may opt-out of at any time.
  • Legal obligations: Where such obligations arise we will, insofar as is possible without breaching any other duty we owe to those services, advise you of our intention to process your data for their purposes.

Should we require special category personal data from you we will ask for your permission to process those data. If you are not willing to provide us with certain data we may be unable to deliver some or all of our services and will make this clear to you.

Duration of Processing

We will process personal data for so long as you instruct us to do so and in accordance with our professional, legal and statutory rights and / or obligations. At the cessation of our services to you we will retain your data in accordance with our internal and statutory requirements.

Use of Sub-Processors

As part of our service delivery it may be necessary for us to use sub-processors.

​All ancillary providers do not engage directly with an individual’s data and simply provide secure storage solutions for the data we process. Unless we have otherwise expressly agreed conditions with them, sub-processors and ancillary providers are prohibited from using an individual’s personal data for their own purposes.

Data Transfers and Sharing

We will not share or transfer data without your express written permission and will only do so for an agreed purpose.

Marketing emails

Some of our marketing emails may contain technologies which enable us to understand whether you open, read, or delete the message and any interaction you make with links contained therein. When you click on a link in a marketing email you receive from us we may also use cookies to log what pages you view, in accordance with our cookies policy. Targeted emails from us may include additional data privacy information as required by applicable privacy laws.

Changes to this Statement

We recommend you check this statement on a regular basis to ensure you remain happy with the activities we carry out in respect of processing personal data.