meet the team

Based out of Central Scotland, our team works with organisations across the UK to deliver winning strategies that achieve lasting change. We’re an eclectic bunch, with a wide set of skills for our clients to call upon depending on their needs.

Our consultants are genuine business experts who have lived it, seen it, and done it.

Neil Bradbrook
Managing Director

Andrew Pollard

Catherine Cradock
Office Manager

Andy Greig

Dave Plummer


Sarah Kiersgaard

Nigel Miers


Damian Pike
Digital & Process Optimisation Consultant

our values

Make a difference –
We only work with clients where we can make a material difference, focussing on practical solutions that make change happen.

Be clear and honest –
We are unashamedly direct and honest, which helps expedite change.

Encourage challenge and diversity –
We believe the best solutions are only achievable through challenging the status quo, and combining diverse ideas and perspectives.

Enjoy what we do –
Because we enjoy what we do, we’re easy to work with and get results.