Building a bright future

Our client, a small builder in Central Scotland, realised that inefficient office processes were undermining his growth plans. Quotes were sent out late, human errors cost time and trying to keep everything in his head was causing sleepless nights. The business leader wanted to sharpen up processes, before implementing his succession plan.

We identified the three most painful processes and set about fixing them. Within a month, paper and simple technology were well-embedded. After three months, accounting was in-house, and the firm was using a site management package on iPads. Project management, timesheets, H&S reports and job reviews followed. The new web site generated good leads, so he now cherry-picks the jobs he wants.

The firm now looks more professional, jobs run smoothly and are more profitable, and new documentation led to fewer problems on site. The workforce is also more motivated because they feel part of an organisation that is going places.

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